Giselle Chapman is a keynote speaker and leadership trainer who ignites passion and improves the performance of CEOs, business owners and their organizations. 

Award-winning sales executive, communications specialist, & change management facilitator.

Giselle’s formula for success in sales and leadership along with her expertise in facilitating change management within organizations delivers positive results to company culture and the bottom line.

Giselle is Chief Performance Optimizer at Chapman Business Solutions, Inc., a nationally recognized firm focusing on transforming teams and individuals into top performing leaders. Giselle is highly sought after because of her ability to motivate audiences to think, feel and act differently.

Giselle has the knowledge and experience to ignite passion and performance whether working as a member of a leadership team, coaching executives, inspiring small groups of top business professionals, or speaking to large, diverse management teams.

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Top performing teams empower leadership on every level of the organization. In this interactive session you will learn the 5 strategies that successful leaders embody that makes others want to follow them.  Whether you are in a leadership position or just want to encourage others to think, act or feel differently you will leave with tools that you can implement immediately to pull others in your direction and perform at the highest possible level.

team building

Have you ever wondered how top performers utilize the unique talents of team members to achieve extraordinary results? Top performing teams maximize roles, behaviors, mindsets and tools to leverage their resources and drive results. In this 90 minute workshop, you'll discover how to maximize productivity in your business and personal life through the power of overcoming perfectionism and avoiding procrastination. This workshop will get you thinking outside of the box and inspired to take immediate action!



Get Plugged into the Energy!

In this session we will explore how to keep motivation, morale andmomentum high in individuals and teams in a seasonal business.  You will learn the strategies to overcome the 4 energy blocks that hinder teams from performing their best. Learn the tools that top performers use to become better, while building courage, capabilities and commitments.  During this session you will tap into the concepts, strategies and tools to drive results year round.